What Sirena is Reading: Love in the Ruins: Modern Catholics in Search of the Ancient Faith

by sacrificiumlaudes

“Every Catholic who has found refuge in the traditions of the Church has a story. One doesn’t end up at the Latin Mass by accident…”

I started reading this book to have a better understanding of what people experience when they attend a Mass said in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman rite for the first time, and why they chose to continue to attend Mass said in this form over Mass said in the Ordinary Form.

It may be surprising to know I pulled away from the book for a while for fear that I might become very angry at liturgical abuses, and chew out (I know. I can’t really think of better terms right now) every person who might have a dismissive attitude to a form of the Mass they know very little about.

My fear was that the book would provoke anger and rage within me, but reading it actually allowed me to look within myself and ask myself why I began attending the Traditional Latin Mass. By doing this, I was able to calmly reflect on the reasons that led me to attend the Latin Mass on a consistent basis. Surprisingly, I have decreased in bitterness to those who are simultaneously generally unaware of the beauty of traditional liturgy and content with the (at most times) careless treatment and execution of the Novus Ordo Mass.

I still haven’t read Love in the Ruins in its entirety, but so far, the impression I got from it was this:

that this book contains real testimonies of Catholics who have come to appreciate and love the Mass “from which [the Ordinary Form] developed (Catholic News Service. “The Call of Beauty.”),”  and whose spiritual lives have been nourished in a way that only the Traditions of Holy Mother Church can nourish.

If you’re a Catholic who feels you’re being deprived of the Traditions of the Church, but who is scared of knowing what those Traditions are and what you’ll be like after being fed such beauty and transcendence, the stories in Love in the Ruins might help you to open your heart and embrace your Catholic Faith more fully.