What Sirena is reading:

by sacrificiumlaudes

1. You and Thousands Like You by Owen Francis Dudley

“From then onwards, left to itself, humanity must inevitably, like the Gadarene Swine, drive downwards to destruction under the impetus of the weight of its own evil. I am inclined to think that stage has now come, and that process of destruction has begun.” -Chapter 1, page 2 of You and Thousands Like You.


“Life is not intended to be lived under fear. There is no need for us to live under fear. There is no need for us to regard the future with fear, whatever is going to happen. We can win freedom from fear if we wish it. We can take a road which is not the road the world has taken, or, at the moment, shows any sign of taking.” -Chapter 1, page 4 of You and Thousands Like You.

The first chapter is only four pages long. I’ve never been so eager to live the Catholic faith after reading the first chapter of a book.

Now on the second chapter.

Will possibly do a book review in the near future.