This is such an important sermon to me (Sirena)

by sacrificiumlaudes

I just listened to a sermon on the lives of Sts. Cyprian and Justina.

The lives of Sts. Cyprian and Justina are truly jaw-dropping.

When I listened to this sermon, I thought I’d be more drawn to Justina’s story than Cyprian’s but there was a part of Cyprian’s story that spoke to my heart. It was when Cyprian had his conversion.

The devil was so furious that he had lost a follower who had led away many souls from God.

He was so furious, and did what he is known to do. He put thoughts into Cyprian’s mind. Thoughts telling Cyprian that he will never be good enough for God. That his past life will never be forgotten and he will never be a saint. The devil reminded Cyprian of his sins and the evils he committed.

I think many fallen away Catholics who have reverted to Catholicism experience these temptations and attacks from the devil.

The devil wants you to go back to your old life. He is so angry that were freed from his hold on you!

We go back again to scrupulosity.

The devil “was trying to tempt Cyprian to despair…to give up. To quit.”

And I think it’s very dangerous, if you do not pray, fast, and go to Mass, because if you don’t you may just give in to those thoughts because you will let the devil convince you that you should just go back to your old ways!

St. Michael, protect and pray for us!

God is Mercy! His heart is Mercy! Love His Son’s most Sacred Heart, and throw yourself into the ocean of His Love!

By the power of Jesus Christ on the Cross, be gone Satan!

Click the link below to listen to the sermon! Such an important sermon to listen to!