Wear the Veil

by sacrificiumlaudes

Wear the Veil

The girl wearing the veil in the photo is my God-daughter on the day of her Confirmation. When she approached me to be her God-mother, her sponsor for confirmation, to be the person for her to run to when she needs any kind spiritual guidance was completely shocking. We are close friends, very close. We first met each other when she came to a workshop for my Catholic Apolos (Apolos, short for “apologetics”) project. We connected immediately because we spoke the same language. We both believed in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. We both wanted to be better versions of ourselves for God. You may be wondering why I was so shocked when she asked me to be her sponsor for her confirmation, seeing as we are both great friends. You see, I am two years younger than her. I am not even her relative. I have only known her for about a year or two. But for her to ask me to be her God-mother seemed to be the Will of God. I did not hesitate to say yes, and was only at a loss for words. We both adore the Traditional Latin Mass, and attend the Extraordinary Form as much as we possibly can. Therefore, to not wear a mantilla (a veil) on the day of her confirmation was out of the question. She was one of two girls who wore a veil out of twenty girls in the class. 

One girl complimented her on it, saying, “That is lovely.” 

Now, of course she did not just wear the veil to draw attention to herself. The use of the veil in Mass has been forgotten in the years after Vatican II. It is a loss of Catholic beauty, identity, and heritage, however, it is definitely a tradition we have rediscovered, especially us younger generations. We wore the veil in hopes that other women can see the beauty of the Catholic faith, and then, wear a veil during the sacrifice of our Lord in the Holy Mass. 

Would you like to learn more about why women wore (and still wear) veils in church? 

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