An epiphany while reading the 1962 Roman Missal

by sacrificiumlaudes

I’m not sure if the following excerpt is also in the Paul VI Missal. 

Here is an excerpt of the section I was reading when I had my epiphany: 

Among the truths which faith teaches us, there are several which all ought to know, and to believe explicitly, viz., the existence of one God; the Mystery of the Holy Trinity; the Mystery of the Redemption of mankind by the Incarnation and death of Jesus Christ, and the future state of reward and punishment.

There are things which every Catholic is also bound to know, by the express command either of God or of the Church. These things are 1. The three most ordinary prayers, viz., the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Apostle’s creed; and also at least in substance, 2. the Commandments of God 3. The Precepts of the Church 4. The Doctrine of the Sacraments, and especially of the these three, which are necessary to everyone, viz., Baptism, Penance, and the Holy Eucharist; 5. The duties and obligations of one’s stage of life. It is a mortal sin for a Christian to be ignorant of these things, if it is through his own willfulness or neglect. 

-Pg. 34 of the 1962 Roman Missal, Baronius Press

So, if you did not notice the sentences which are in bold letters, I emphasized the fifth “thing” by making the letters bold, and also the sentence after that. That is what I read that sparked the epiphany I had. What is this epiphany? 

Well, I’ve been very unsettled with a “Catholic problem” all of us young adults have, and that is the uncertainty of one’s vocation. But it wasn’t until I read those words in my missal that I felt a strong and clear answer to the question of vocation that I’ve been asking myself for months and months. 

I must admit, I am still uncertain of the future, of God’s overall plan for me, but what I have come to realize is that… 
I cannot get up and run away to either

1) Join a convent Image

Reason – I am still heavily in debt, and it is my duty to pay it off as much as God wills, and as soon as God wills. For now, I will do whatever I can on my part. I will not leave my parents with my responsibility and unfinished tasks.


2) Get married to the man of dreams 


Reason – I don’t think I’m quite fully prepped for this, and I am willing to wait and grow until I am ready.

What do I know, then?

I know that I have responsibilities that are sent to me from God in order that I may grow closer to Him in this life on my plate at this very moment. 

I know that I need to pay off my debt, and God has showed me what to do with this. He has given me the opportunity to start my own business. And by striving to succeed, and reaching that success, I will then have the finances to pay off my debt. And if God wills it, I will then help my parents in their financial situation.

I know that I want to continue help people who are involved in these activities and projects I am in right now:

Prolife movement and the crisis pregnancy center my friends and I started

Catholic Apolos

This Blog

Doing more to spread the TLM in parishes on Guam

My health vids and facebook page


I realized that God has provided me with all the people I need in my life to help me get there, and he is still providing me with more people. 

So, I’ll be taking a chill pill with questions about my vocation, and do what I gotta do right now. 

And focus on what I gotta do and do it as best as I can. And every time I take action, it is an “I love You” to God.

I trust that God will take care of calling me to my vocation when He thinks I am ready, and I will trust that I will hear His call. 
Right now, He has already called me by placing many opportunities and responsibilities in my life that will eventually lead me to either religious life or married life. 

 5. The duties and obligations of one’s stage of life. It is a mortal sin for a Christian to be ignorant of these things, if it is through his own willfulness or neglect. 

Hope this helps. 

In Jesus and Mary,